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Just returned from a beautiful weekend in Prague, and again, it was just perfect! I don´t know what it is about this city, but it seems to me as if it was created for „romantic dates” like this. I travel here quite often and I´m always amazed. Probably because of this strange atmosphere this city offers, the innumerable places of every kind to hang out, lovely boutique hotels, leaving as much space for all the right kind of fun one can imagine, the anonymity of these places is just perfect choice for „honeymoon”! Of course it´s impossible to compare it to the „big” cosmopolitan cities, but on the other hand it´s so different, this city lives its own life. So if you´re wondering about a place where you can „hide” for a while and enjoy all what you long for without being disturbed, choose Prague (with me of course). The nights will be unforgettable and days long enough to explore this lovely place and mostly, TO ENJOY IT ALL!


Perfect weekend in Paris! I was staying at a funny hotel, where, you know when you enter the hotel room and there are usually some small chocolate sweets on the pillows, or another kind of „welcome present”, well at this hotel, there was a plastic carnival mask on each side of the bed… I must say, that with a bit of creativity such thing can really start a date in a nice way, and also it happened to be a very original warm up activity I´m not a big fan of these „circus things”, but I must admit it was fun. I was hoping to take the masks home as a souvenir, but they didn´t survive… And felt a little weird about asking for a new one at the reception :D. And all these small cafés (where I actually forced myself to order coffee in French, for I was just hoping it will make the waiter to be a little less arrogant. I was asking around if it´s really such a big faux pas to speak English in France, it probably is), romantic boulevards, bla bla, PERFECT!!! Nevertheless, it was just great. Also later wihout the masks! Actually I guess even better J A little sorry I didn´t have much time for sightseeing, but honestly, who cares for an old iron tower when you can get better fun in the bedroom. But I managed to light a candle at Sacre Coeur. Hopefully it´s gonna burn forever to help to save my sinful soul… So yeah! It was just great!


This was nice :-) I guess I met the most spontaneous guy in the world. And really creative! Can you imagine playing a sexy game with your girlfriend, where the role of the girl is „a model” and the guy becomes „a gay photographer” fo a fashion magazine? LOL. A little tiring to pose, but fortunately it didn´t take too long, because after a few minutes, he of course turned back into a hetero as straight as can be. It was fun! In Madrid I also learned that I should be more observant about the new „popular” trends going on, and not to strictly stuck to old and verified classy stuff, because, I have to confess, I had no idea that Hardrock cafe is an international chain and there is one in almost every European city… A bit smarter again!




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I was wondering how to make this web stand out a little and I decided to post something from time to time. Partly because I guess it´s kind of fun to write a bit about my „travels” and get you guys a little more interested and partly because I think it might help you to create a clearer picture about me which I think is important, if you´re looking for a really nice date.